2016 Elections | NPP’s Allegation Of Rigging Is “Absurd Nonsense”- Prez Mahama


President Mahama fires 3 MDCEs

President John Dramani Mahama has described the allegations by the opposition  NPP’s that the Electoral Commission intends to rig the elections as absurd nonsense.

According to the President, Ghana has one of the best and transparent systems in the world as far as  elections are concerned.

Addressing a group of  party supporters at Funsi in the Upper West Region, he accused the NPP of preparing the grounds for chaos by peddling unsubstantiated allegations against the electoral body in the run up to the elections.

“Some of them have gone to the extent of saying the Electoral Commission is preparing to rig the elections for John Mahama. What absurd nonsense? Ghana’s Electoral system is one of the best in the world. Note my words, not in Africa , in the world because it has inherent instruments for guaranteeing its integrity.”

“…If you notice, in the run up to the election, there has been a consistent criticism of the Electoral Commission. Indeed they have said the most unspeakable things about the Chairman of the Electoral Commission and that is all preparing the minds of their supporters for when they lose, so when they lose, they can blame the Electoral Commission as not being neutral.”


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