A Letter To President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo’s Council Of State… Please Advise The President


Dear Members of the Council of State in Ghana.
Ever since Ghana gained independence, the Council of State has being more or less a toothless bulldog in chains or a ceremonial council.

I have never heard or seen any vibrant Council of State members who are always on the neck of the President correcting or advising him on the major issues affecting the country especially when he seems to be moving in the wrong direction.

Now I remember clearly during your swearing in, President Akufo Addo charged you to correct but not praise him when he seems to be on a wrong path.

I think this is the perfect time to set the record straight and tell the whole nation, the discerning citizenry and the vibrant youth of today that this current Council of State is different from all other Council of States that has being inaugurated ever since Ghana gained independence.

Please let the President know even if he’s aware that some discerning citizens cannot bring themselves to understand why a country like Ghana requires 110 ministers or more.

It doesn’t seem right in any dispensation, largely because the President is on record to have said that he inherited a struggling economy.

So I dare to ask how can a struggling economy afford 110 ministers, their allowance, incentives, bonus, bills, salaries etc which truth be told is nothing away from high expenditure. I have intentionally left out the bribes, loot and share etc they might engage themselves in because is that inevitably absent factor nobody talks about but exists in this country.

Before I go, just remember we do not want any close door meeting with the President. Let it be public for all and sundry to know that you did your quota in advising the President when he was appointing 110 Ministers of State.
Thank you and hope to hear from you in the newspapers very soon.



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