Floyd Mayweather Stops Conor McGregor In Las Vegas


Floyd the Pretty boy Mayweather took his fighting record to a record 50-0 by outclassing and out-boxing UFC champion, Conor McGregor  before stopping him in the 10th round.

As Mayweather often says, God only made one thing perfect and that’s his boxing record.

The Irish crowd had been so inspiring at the weigh-in, stroking the pressure and increasing the hype with Cornor’s own utterances and jabs  doing tremendous damage but as Mayweather had maintained, it would be a different ball game as the fans will not be in the ring.

The MMA star answered the bell by leaping to the middle of the ring. Floyd covered up on the ropes to avoid any early disaster in a deliberate strategy to let McGregor expend energy.

McGregor fought well above the level many expected of him, out-punching Mayweather 51-40 in the opening five rounds.

However, despite seemingly being on top early, two of the three judges only gave “The Notorious” one round.

Mayweather’s dominance shone through as the fight wore on. He landed 170 of 320 punches while McGregor collected with 111 of 430 attempts.

The southpaw’s best moments were avoiding Floyd’s right and then countering but the older man hardly threw.

The second round was more of the same as the hopes of the McGregor Army started to rise. Mayweather largely kept his guns in the holster and when he did load up on the right McGregor’s head movement was up to the task.

There were some awkward moments where McGregor found himself beside Mayweather and had to hold himself back from doing anything that would get him disqualified. It appeared to be going his way though.

McGregor was warned for hitting the back of Mayweather’s head early in the third. He began initiating the clinch but was touching Mayweather with his jab.

The crowd exploded at any sign of McGregor connection but Mayweather looked comfortable enough.

Perhaps sensing he’d drop a couple of rounds, Mayweather was largely the aggressor in the fourth. McGregor took a while to adjust to the change in momentum and started breathing a little heavier.

He sat and waited to land a counter without success and Mayweather was either on the board — or even in the fight depending on how you scored the first.

Mayweather continued to swarm forward in the fifth. McGregor had promised not to take a backward step but he was in reverse most of the round. He wasn’t planting his feet when he was throwing his punches and Mayweather was a man in control.

There was a bizarre sequence to begin the sixth as Mayweather turned and covered up while McGregor kept swinging for several seconds.

But Mayweather was smelling blood and had the crowd on their feet as he began firing heavy shots. They weren’t all connecting but when he missed there wasn’t a lot of return fire.

The difference in class continued in the seventh and eighth. McGregor attempted to step around Mayweather to change angles and was clipped as he did.

McGregor struck below the belt early in the ninth but was beginning to get tagged. Mayweather chased the stoppage but while his blows were snapping back the Irishman’s head they weren’t truly rocking him.

They did in the 10th. McGregor’s resistance finally subsided under a flurry of blows and as the crowd roared Byrd stepped in — a little early in McGregor’s opinion. “Let me go down,” he said. “Let the man put me down.

“Where were the final two rounds? Let me walk back to my corner and compose myself.”

Credit: news.com.au

Source: GhanaXtra


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