Full Story | How A Chinese Woman Without Feet And Fingers Survived The Odds To Give Birth To A Healthy Baby


A Chinese woman who lost both fingers and feet during childhood has defied the odds and given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Lin Qiongmin, 34, from Wuhan in Hubei Province was diagnosed with severe vascular disease, an abnormal condition of the blood vessels (arteries and veins) which can cause severe disability and death when she was seven.

Though she suffered permanent damage to her hands and feet, Lin persevered to take care of herself and managed to gain a college degree in computer application.

She now earns a living by running an internet cafe.

She married Yuan Mingliang, a man who also has disabilities and got pregnant soon after.

Lin was ill during pregnancy, but the fetus was completely unharmed. She gave birth to a boy weighing 2.6 kilograms on Aug. 8.

Tough mother indeed, congratulations Lin!

Credit: CCTVSource: GhanaXtra


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