Identity Of Afia Schwarzenegger’s Cheating Partner Revealed


After the internet was awash with a video and pictures of TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger caught red handed being bonked by another man, details of her s*x life keeps springing up.

Afia Schwarzenegger was caught being bonked at her residence by another man by her husband, Lawrence Abrokwah.

Lawrence who caught the two love birds enjoying themselves took pictures and videos of the whole incident which will later find their way unto the internet.

The embarrassment and shocking incident according to sources close to the embattled couple led to the breakdown of their marriage but Afia contends that their marriage had already collapsed at the time of the incident.

Even though, the identity of the said Romeo has not been unmasked all this while, details are emerging that the man is a Ghanaian business man.

The man in his early forties whose name could not readily lay hands on used to bonk Afia Schwarzenegger and continued to enjoy several bouts of s*x with the comedienne even after she married.

The man per our checks has since fled the country out of disgrace leaving Afia to face the heat a lone.

Source: GhanaXtra


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