Photo | Power Sweet! Zambian Minister Kneels Before President During Discussion



President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

Humility is very key in Africa but how will you feel if you chance on a picture of your dad, husband, wife or mom kneeling before his or her boss on the internet.

Well, a picture of a Zambian Member of Parliament, Micheal Zondani Katambo kneeling before President  Edgar Chagwa Lungu has taken the internet by storm.

The picture which has since gone viral and made the two a subject of public ridicule was taken after a church service at Mary Immaculate in Lusaka on Sunday, March 19th.

In the picture, Katampo who also doubles as the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries is seen kneeling like an obedient student with his hands clenched with the expression yes Mr. President on his face while the President sits comfortably during a discussion.

Micheal Katambo kneeling before President Lungu

Though opinions are divided on the conduct of the President, many people believe this crass show of power by Mr. Lungu is very unfortunate and smack of disrespect.


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