Revealed! Payment of Teacher Trainee Allowances Will Be On Semester Basis


Credible information reaching is that the teacher trainee allowance that is yet to be restored will be paid on semester basis.

Thus, trainees will receive  allowance for only their period of stay on campus. Meaning trainees shall not receive allowances whilst on vacation.

Per this arrangement teacher trainees shall not be paid for the momths of February, March, August and September since the students will be on vacation during that period.

According to information from the Student Loan Trust Fund (SlTF), trainees will be entitled to monthly stipends for October, November, December and January respresenting the first semester and April, May June and July for the second semester.

Each trainee shall be entitled to a monthly amount of Four Hundred Cedis (GH₵400.00) but there shall be some  deductions from source which means the monthly payment for  trainees’ will be Two Hundred and Four Cedis (GH₵204.000).

It is still unclear what the reaction of the trainees will be considering the fact that the trainees in March this year expressed their disappointment at the amount which they described as peanuts even before it was made public.

They wondered why the NPP government was trying to shift the goal posts after it promised to restore their allowance in full in its first 100 days in office.

“We are extremely disappointed because we feel the government has short-changed us. When we did the calculation after the budget statement had been read by the minister, we realised that each teacher trainee would be paid GHS198 a month, much less than the amount we were paid, which was between GH₵420 and GH₵450. This is not what we were told ahead of the elections.

“We were also promised that the payment would be done in their first 100 days in office, but as has been stated in the budget, the payment will be done in September.”

Meanwhile, we reliably informed TTAG will issue a communique on the development at the end of the National Congress currently underway at the Komenda College of Education. 

Source: GhanaXtra


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