Shots Fired! | Ghana’s Electoral Commission Archaic – Nduom


charlotte-osei_ EC Boss

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has described Ghana’s Electoral Commission as “behind time” and needs to catch up with modern ways of doing things.

“We have an EC that is election focused and is behind times,” the 2012 presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) said at a press conference.

“Otherwise, why does the EC still encouraging the use of party polling agents when they do not exist in advanced democracies; Why do we not have continuous registration of voters when they reach age 18; Why are we not allowing Ghanaians abroad to vote; And why are we not using electronic voting methods?”

Nduom advised: “The new Chairman of the Electoral Commission must bring this important institution into the 21st Century and make it strong by enforcing the laws that it is supposed to work with.”

“The Electoral Commission as it stands now, has not been able to fully enforce the Political Parties Law and make the political parties who want to come and govern this country law-abiding. I saw political parties in Talensi who by the Political Parties Law cannot meet the requirements of the law.

“Some are not even making any attempt to do so. Political parties are supposed to be national in character, have offices in two-thirds of the districts, raise funds from Ghanaians within the prescribed limits, deliver annual returns, among others. I know how the PPP has been working hard to raise money and stay active to ensure that we meet the requirements.

“Does the EC know how the parties raised money to fund their Talensi campaigns or the 2012 campaign? We have so-called political parties in Ghana that are sole proprietors, ethnic based, specific regions in content, etc,” the former candidate of the Convention People’s Party opined.

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