Who Is This Politician Spanking Robert Mugabe’s Wife? One Man Has Answers!


Who would have thought someone would have the balls to post a very damning write up against one of the top brass politicians in Zimbabwe on Social media.

Yes, Dr Grace Mugabe described by many as the controversial and powerful First Lady is leader of the women’s wing of the ruling Zanu-PF party and is seen as the successor to her aging husband.

But Journalist and social media enthusiast, Trevor Ncube did not allow her clout and influence affect what he wanted to post as in the name of free speech wrote what many Zimbabweans would not dare to do on Twitter about Grace Mugabe on Saturday.

Mr Ncube posted on his Twitter page that he has dreamt of the first lady having an amorous relationship with Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere.

Probably an expensive a joke that did not go down well with the Minister.

Kasukuwere, the ruling Zanu PF’s political Commissar burning with fury  and rage responded back and  threatened to expose the media mogul as he has a dossier of secrets on him thus, starting a banter on Twitter.

“I am not and you have to stop being reckless. You behave badly and if you want I can say more about you on this very platform” Kasukuwere said, adding, “Anyway hausi chinhu  (you are nothing).”

But that did not force the Alpha Media Holdings owner into his shell as he came back again with a more power punch  suggesting that the Minister’s  angry reaction is an indication that he is indeed bunking the first lady.

“Funny @Hon_Kasukuwere got feelings about the dream. The guilty are …”

It is unclear if the First Lady will head to court considering the fact that she has openly revealed on public TV that  she has developed a thick skin about public perception over her words and actions.

Source: GhanaXtra


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