+18 Video | Two University of Ghana Students Caught Having Hot S*x


It looks as if the era of s*x videos will die down now as the internet is once again awash with another s*x leak.

The latest s*x video which is 29 seconds long involves two students of University Ghana, Legon.

The video which has since gone viral involves the two doing their own thing  at the balcony of the Pentagon Hostel.

The guy is seen bunking the lady from behind in the balcony whilst the lady who seems to be enjoying it moans loudly.

The guy occasionally looks round to check if nobody is coming whilst he continues to enter the lady in the doggy style.

Though it is difficult to confirm the identities of the two love birds, our checks confirm that the incident actually took place on the university’s campus.

As a public friendly site, we are unable publish  the obscene video but you can click on the link to enjoy it if you still insist.

 University of Ghana sextape  

Source: GhanaXtra

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