For Your Weekend | These 3 Strategies Will Surely Make Your Missionary S3x Way Hotter


missionary position

Missionary: It’s the vanilla ice cream of sex positions—and people love to hate on it. At least publicly. Because a recent Trojan Condoms survey found that 45 percent of American women consider the standard horizontal mambo their favorite way to knock boots. And when we asked Men’s Health readers for their feelings on the position, we got a lot of resounding “Love it!” responses. Most guys cited the eye contact and “being able to watch her face and make out while we’re going at it” as their favorite aspects. As Shannon Chavez, Psy.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in Los Angeles, explains: “It can deepen intimacy between you and your partner because face-to-face contact boosts arousal.”

That said, the MH fellas also pleaded: “Variety is a must!” So tonight, tweak your missionary with one of these four moves, which offer better angles, new sensations, and extraordinary orgasms for both you and your guy. Think of ’em like sprinkles and hot fudge: elevating vanilla to an even more delicious treat.

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