Home News 3,500 Ghanaian Asylum Seekers Denied Papers In Italy

3,500 Ghanaian Asylum Seekers Denied Papers In Italy


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Some 3,500 Ghanaians who entered Italy illegally and are seeking political asylum have had their applications rejected by Italian Authorities who found their reasons baseless since Ghana is a peaceful and democratic country.

This was disclosed by Dr Liliane Murekatete, Founder and Executive Director of Ecology of the Migratory Flow (EMF), an organisation which helps migrants locked up in transition countries of the Maghreb to return home and start meaningful lives.

Dr Murakatete is currently in Ghana to consult with various government agencies to understand the major reasons that inform peoples’ decisions to embark on the dangerous journey through the desert to Europe and discuss the way forward.

She told the Ghana News Agency that her organisation is currently providing food, shelter, healthcare and skills training to Ghanaian migrants who would be relocating to Ghana by the first quarter of 2017.

EMF is an international and humanitarian organisation specialised in migration issues with the mission of creating awareness to prospective migrants in order to dissuade them from embarking on uncertain journeys to Europe and other continents for greener pasture.