Accused In Montie FM Case Found Guilty Of Contempt


Ghana's Supreme Court

Ghana’s Supreme Court has found the three alleged contemnors in the Montie FM case and owners of the station guilty of the charges brought against them.

Alistair Nelson, Godwin Ako Gunn, both members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), talk show host Salifu Maase “Mugabe” and the four owners of the Accra-based private radio station were hauled before the apex court after the panelists issued death threats against some justices sitting on the case of voters’ register.

The hearing began last week but was adjourned after the owners  of the station failed to show up and defense counsel told the court they had not been served with the writ.

At its second sitting today, one of the contemnors, Alistair Nelson pleaded for mercy blaming their utterances on a disease he called “kpokpogbligbli.”

The host of the programme, Mugabe was also remorseful begging the Justices to show mercy as he has been a journalist of good repute for over 15 years.

Their lawyers also forwarded a similar plea as they begged the court to forgive their clients who are first time offenders.

However, the Supreme Court panel presided over by Justice Sophia Akuffo found the accused guilty for scandalizing, defying and lowering the authority of the court and bringing it into disrepute.

They have been granted self recognisance bail pending the determination of their fate come July 27.

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