Popular App Takes Secret Photos Of Its Users | You May Have Been Snapped Already


Android-porn app

Researchers have discovered a malicious smartphone app that secretly snaps a picture of the user without you knowing.

The porn app called Adult Player pretends to offer free pornography, but as soon as the user launches the app, it takes control of the phone’s front camera, uses it for the task and then displays a lock screen with a message demanding $500 before it releases the device.

According security firm Zscaler who first found the malicious app, the lock screen is almost impossible to bypass and therefore users have no option but to pay the fee before gaining access to their device.

“This ransomware acts as a porn app named ‘Adult Player’ and lures victims who assume it is a pornographic video player……When the victim starts using it, the app silently takes a photo of the victim, which is then displayed on the ransomware screen, along with the ransom message……The app demands a ransom of 500 USD,” Zscaler confirmed in a recent blog post.

Adult Player is an Android-based app that can only be downloaded via adult websites and it’s not available on Google Play or the Apple Store.

As a recommendation, the researchers say, anybody with Adult Player on their device should reboot their handset into “safe mode” and also avoid downloading apps from unofficial websites and app stores.


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