AUDIO | Afriyie Acquah’s Wife, Amanda Sleeping With Jordan Ayew For 4 Years? | Doctored Audio? Be The Judge!

Amanda Afriyie Acquah
Afriyie Acquah and Amanda

Mrs Amanda Acquah, the wife of our very own Afriyie Acquah is grabbing the headlines once again and we don’t know whether to believe she’s really the one purportedly speaking in a new audio already trending in the media.

Barely two weeks after the Acquahs shot down rumours about their intentions to go separate ways over an alleged leaked naked photos of Amanda purportedly sent to another lover — here we are again with another scandalous revelation that has the potential to cause divorce.

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In a new audio, a lady purported to be Afriyie Acquah’s wife is heard discussing her relationship and sexual escapades with Aston Villa’s Jordan Ayew and what Acquah thinks about it. The lady (Amanda) reveals so much about her past intimacy with her purported husband’s international teammate, and how that often infuriates him.

Could it be the same Rodney Aboagye (a former close friend of Afriyie Acquah) and Jessica Lebene (Afriyie Acquah’s ex) who are behind this leak too?

Rodney and Jessica were fingered by the Acquahs to have been the people responsible for Amanda’s leaked naked photos and we are hearing rumours that they have gone a step further to doctor this tape to achieve their aim.

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There’s more in the audio, but we do not know whether the lady in there is Amanda Afriyie Acquah or not. Listen to the audio and be the judge……..Also below are some highlights of the audio…..

“Jordan and I have been good friends since childhood. We were being mocked from childhood and tagged as ‘husband and wife’. Even Dede Ayew use to say ‘these people, don’t discuss their issues. They would fight today and you will see them together the next day.”

“I have been with Jordan for four good years, not four days.”

“Afriyie is very jealous, I swear. Whenever Afriyie sets his eyes on us (Amanda and Jordan) having a chat or hanging out, he quickly gets furious and stops talking to me until I apologise.”

“But now, Afriyie use to complain about his ailing relationship with Jordan Ayew. Afriyie once recounted that they travelled to Amsterdam and only Dede spoke to him; Jordan didn’t. He asked for Jordan’s contact but he refused.”