Akosombo Dam To Shut Down 3 Turbines


Akosombo Dam1

We may not be seeing an end to Ghana’s worsening power crisis any time soon as there are reports of an intended plan by the nation’s power producers to shut down three turbines of the Akosombo Dam.

The dam currently producing 636 megawatts of electricity from 5 of its 6 turbines is likely to be shut down due to the consistent drop in water levels which may break down the facility if emergency decisions are not taken.

According to the dam’s manager of electricals, Ebo Amoah, the chief executive of the facility is awaiting authorisation from government to shut down the turbines.

Mr Ebo Amoah told Accra-based Citi FM the situation was getting worse due to lack of rain in the northern part of the country.

“The water level is dropping because it’s not raining in the north. It means when the levels go down, you cannot run all the machines at a certain point. We are looking at 240ft as the minimum level so at 240ft you need to take certain decisions, bringing some of the machines down.”

“We are not rising, we are dropping but very slowly. Once it’s dropping, we are likely to reduce power generation. Every year when the water level is going low, we shut down some generators. We’ve delayed in bringing the generators down. This is because one needs authorization to do that so the powers that be should give that command so we go ahead and shut it down,” he added.

He further explained that, the situation could worsen in the coming days if the water levels drop by an additional 5ft.

“It is obvious that the lake level is low as a result of two years of less than average rainfall. It means that we are just 5 feet above the minimum operating level and so Akosombo is only running only four units.

“If you go below the 235, you will collapse the reservoir and for you to recover it, it will take a long time.”

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