Akuffo-Addo’s “Try Me Too” Strategy Is A Sign Of Respect To Voters-Mac Manu


Nana Akuffo Addo_Casual

The”try me too” campaign strategy of the flag bearer of the NPP Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo has strongly been lampooned by many pundits as lacking political direction but campaign manager of the NPP for the upcoming 2016 general elections Mr. Peter Mac Manu thinks otherwise and  has strongly defended the message.

Mr. Peter Mac Manu in an interview with Joy FM justified the strategy and rubbished claims that it does contain any serious alternative to the plight of the suffering masses in order to convince the electorates of their preparedness for political party.

He added that the posture of the flag bearer depicts his respect for the voters who weld political power.

“It is in all humility that we give respect to the voters. They have the power and if you want them to give it to you, you beg them and you appeal to them. Elections are done in a multiplicity of ways so if we are doing one thing; that is pleading for votes, it’s just one of the many things the party is doing,”

The flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party in recent times has changed his campaign message to one of begging the electorates to “try him too”  since he is also a Ghanaian a position most people consider to be non attractive to the charged and issues based  political terrain.

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