Apple | Technology Giant Suffer S*xism Accusations Over Draw Tool



Apple TV launch

The launch of the long awaited Apple TV and Ipad Pro came on earlier this week amid accusations of sexism with other Technology firms also having their fair share of the accusations.

Apple’s accusation came as a result of a woman’s smile being ‘fixed’  using software.

Demonstrating the features of their new product, adobe’s director of mobile design Eric Snowden edited an image of a woman using the updated version of Adobe suit for editing apps by altering her lips so that the picture appeared smiling.

After the act, Eric Snowden said he wished she could smile a little bit more and luckily enough an app to make his wish possible is now available and this caused a lot of applauds in the auditorium.

The applauds turned accusations of ‘sexism’ on twitter immediately as many criticized Eric Snowden’s choice of words.

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