Bizzare!!! Thomas Vermaelen Asked To Return His Champions League Medal



Former arsenal captain and Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen has been asked by his club to return his champions league medal.

Vermaelen, Claudio Bravo, Douglas and Jordi Masip were all asked to return their medals as they failed to play a single match in Barcelona’s champions league campaign which saw them win treble.

Reports also claim that the former Arsenal captain will also not receive any bonus as stipulated in Vermaelen’s transfer deal which would have amounted to three million pounds.

Luis Enrique’s team won the champions league for the fifth time after beating Juventus in the Champions League final at the weekend, but unconfirmed reports has uncovered that Thomas Vermaelen affectionately called ‘the verminator’ won’t be able to keep his medal.

Thomas Vermaelen had a terrible first season with Barcelona capped with injuries and apparent loss of form.

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