Prisons Service Inaugurates Block Factory To Train Inmates



The Prisons Service has inaugurated a block moulding factory in the Brong-Ahafo Regional capital Sunyani, to give training to inmates on how to mould blocks as part of its objective of reforming convicts serving prison terms in the facility.

ASP Ziniel B. Vincent, the B/A Regional Prisons Service P.R.O who made this known to the said, the establishment of the block factory is to offer employable skills to the prison inmates to make them relevant to their societies when they go back after serving their jail term.

According to him, the factory will produce blocks in commercial quantities and sell to individuals and organisations who may need them. Revenue from the factory will be used for the running of the prison facility to complement government efforts and also expand the capacity of the factory to be able to produce more.

A.S.P Ziniel also disclosed that, the Prisons Service is in the process of establishing a fund called ‘Earning Scheme’ for the inmates who will be working at the block moulding factory.

He explained that, under the scheme, the Prisons Service will create an account for each of the inmates working at the factory and a percentage of the amount realised from the sale of the blocks will be allocated to the account of each inmate as his commission.

According to him, the purpose of the scheme is to raise money for the prisoners so that upon their release, they can get money for transportation and use the rest as seed capital to establish themselves, and this he says, will address the financial nightmare the inmates face when they are released from jail.

The P.R.O also revealed that, some of the inmates are into shoemaking and they are making efforts to get in touch with some of the schools and the security agencies to patronise the shoes made by the prisoners to be able to raise funds to sustain their business and boost their employable skills.

He therefore appealed to individuals and organisations to come to the aid of the Prisons Service by donating generously to it to enable the service address the numerous challenges it is confronted with in order to make the facility conducive for the inmates.