Brave Mom Stabs 3 Men Gang-raping Daughter


When a mother saw three men gang raping her 27-year old  daughter, it was a matter of life and death.

The Eastern Cape mother in the heat of the moment stabed one of the assailants to death and injured the other two.

The incident happened at an unoccupied structure  in the Qumbu administrative area in Zwartwater near Komani over the weekend.

According to the woman she had a call from her daughter’s friend that some  Knife wielding men were raping her daughter.

She added that she tried calling the police helpline but the call went unanswered so she proceeded to the place to rescue her daughter.

On reaching the unoccupied structure, she found the three men naked with her daughter on the bed, a drama she said hit her like a thunderbolt.

She said she noticed that one of the men was in front of her daughter, the other one was behind her with the knife while the third one was kneeling down but that did not deter her as she attacked them viciously.

“While we were busy looking, I heard someone screaming from a dark, unoccupied house and I went straight there.

“I opened the door and used my phone for light. As I stood near the door, I saw three men naked on the bed with my child.

“I asked them what they are doing and they came running straight to me. I then used my knife to protect myself from the three dangerous men. I ducked the first one and stabbed him.

“The second one came and I struggled with him, finally managing to stab him while I was already on my knees. I then stabbed the third one trying to escape through the window.”

She was released on a R500 bail by the Lady Frere Magistrate Court on Monday on a R500 bail but is scheduled to reappear in court on Octoboter 8.

Source: GhanaXtra