Ameyaw Debrah Reclaims Hacked Website



Celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah and his team of web developers have successfully restored his website which was taken down this morning by a group calling themselves El Moujahidin.

The group which held the celebrity website for about two hours, used the platform to campaign for Arab freedom and stated the following on their banner:

“#Free Hamza Bendalladj # Free Palestine. Tell Your Gov, To Know About Palestine. We Will Continue Hacking The Sites, To Send The Message Of Our Palestine And All Arabs. We Don’t Accept Killing Muslims EveryWhere. Stop Killing Us. Were Are El Moujahidin Team. We Will Not End This War”

hacked ameyawdebrah com

Though the website has been restored, it can be seen that there’s still work on-going to bring it back to its state before the hackers took over since it still looks a bit disorganized with stories dating back to April 19.

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