Breasts And Buttocks Enlargement Creams Are Fake – FDA


The crave for bigger butts, boobs and penis seems to be the order of the day among many people in Ghana.

But getting bigger butts and boobs was not an easy task in the past as women used to get surgery in order to get curvy hips and bigger butts. 

But with the advancement in medical science, many creams and pills have appeared on the market purporting to aid people in getting  bigger butts and penis size after few months of usage. Some of these drugs are Yogi Pills, Botch Cream and Yodi pills.

But section 8 (i) of the Food and Drugs Law (PNDC Law 305 (b) provides that: “No person shall manufacture, prepare, sell, supply, export or import into Ghana any drug, cosmetic, medical device, or chemical substance unless the article has been registered with the Food and Drugs Board.” 

It is against this background that the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned the general public against using boobs and buttocks enlargement creams and pills that have not  been tested, approved and given authority.

Describing most of the drugs on the market as “unsafe and unregistered”, the Ashanti Regional FDA Principal Regulatory Officer, Nora Nakie Tei Larbi  has cautioned people who patronise these creams and pills to be be careful since they have dire consequences on their health.

She said that the only known and scientifically proven method of  enlarging the penis, breasts and buttocks is through surgery and not through pills and creams.

Madam Nora Nakie Takei Larbi made this known at a press  briefing in the Ashanti region where 9 persons have been arrested for dealing in fake drugs.

She added that these fake drugs are mostly patronised by women and advised them to stay off in their own interest.