Butcher Steals Police Commander’s Goat


Moro-Issifu-goat thief1

A twenty-four-year-old former butcher was arrested on Monday for allegedly stealing a goat belonging to the Brong-Ahafo Regional Police Operations Commander.

Moro Iddrisu, a resident of Sunyani Zongo, was accosted by neighbours who saw him dragging the goat away. Suspicious of Moro’s actions, the neighbours demanded to know how he came by the animal and where he was taking it to.

Jittery Moro who sounded unconvincing in his answers was asked by the neighbours to send the goat back to where he picked it from. However, in the heat of things, the Police Patrol Team bumped into the scene and upon further interrogations, he admitted picking the animal from their senior officer’s residence.

Moro was later realized to be a serial thief who had been arrested on several occasions and sent to the police station on charges of stealing.

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