Chaos In NDC As Group Disrupts Anti-Mahama Press Conference

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A planned press conference by a pro-NDC group, Action Movement at the Ghana International Press Center in Accra has been disrupted.

The press conference was to do a postmortem of the party’s performance in the 2016 elections and to point out the actual cause of their defeat.

The leader of the group, Kodzo Hamenya at the press conference laid the party’s abysmal performance at the doorsteps of former President John Mahama and the National Executive Council.

According to them, the leadership of the party disrespected those at the grass root and showed little commitment to their concerns, a possible cause of the one-touch defeat.

“JM’s ‘dead goat syndrome’ during 2012 to 2016 is still there and it’s obvious that JM loves his cronies than the grassroots and is still behaving like a dead goat. If JM is still defending his appointees who hurt our grassroots badly, then JM has no pity for the grassroots.

“JM should do what is honourable. He is causing our party great harm by just saying that he has taken responsibility for our loss. JM should stop the silent torture on our electorate and say exactly what he has taken responsibility for.”

But his unfounded allegations did not go down well with another group who had trooped in and ordered him to stop the personal attack and the denigration.

The intruders rather accused the members of Action Movement for their defeat, something that nearly ended in the trading of blows.

The confusion eventually resulted in the abrupt ending of the press conference.