Clear Communication, Respect And A Lot Of Orgasms Sustain Relationships


Clear Communication, Respect And A Lot Of Orgasms Sustain Relationships

Being married can be tough at times, it does not matter even if your family is divinely selected to rule over the United Kingdom in perpetuity and is worth roughly £65 billion.

So ahead of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday some of the most helpful pieces of wisdom that help relationships were offered to them.

Oscar winning actors to businessmen to designers were asked a simple question: what makes a relationship work? And this was what they had to say as published by the Esquire.

Paul Smith

“It’s about learning to give and take, learning to be interested, and interesting, learning to not just talk about yourself, listening to how their day has been, as well as your day. It’s just keeping your feet on the ground. Do the washing up. Wipe the tops. I love that. It’s so therapeutic.”

Liam Neeson

“My best relationship advice is if you’ve got anything on your chest, get it off it. Don’t bottle stuff up. That would be my advice for any relationship: family or marriage. Don’t bottle stuff like that because it becomes a cancer. It becomes like acid and it’s best to get it out. It’s healthier that way.”

Dr. Dre

“Clear communication. Respect. A lot of laughter. And a lot of orgasms. That’s what makes a marriage work.”

Tom Ford

“To maintain a long-term relationship you have to be best friends, you have to understand one another. And you also have to have had short-term relationships before that, and as soon as you know they’re wrong, you stop them and move on.”

Leonard Nimoy

“Love is not struggle. Love is love. You can have arguments and love each other. You can go through hard times and love each other. If you can find a relationship where it’s easy to give it and get it, then a lot of that stuff takes care of itself.”

David Bailey

“The key to a long marriage is respect and sex.”

Samuel L Jackson

“All marriages have ups and downs. If you fight through whatever the problem is and solve it then you’ll end up staying together. If you’d rather be bitter and not communicate then you create chasms that can’t be crossed.”

Karl Pilkington

“Honesty is important in a relationship. One time in the early days of us dating, Susanne made us a fish pie, and it was rank. So I told her. It still crops up now and again, 20 years later. But I had to tell her or she’d make it again, I’d still be eating it. That’s the problem with people – they tip-toe around each other. She’s had haircuts and I’ve gone: ‘Why have you done that? What a horrible style’. And I want her to be honest with me.”

Credit: Esquire

Clear Communication, Respect And A Lot Of Orgasms Sustain Relationships
Frank A. Hartmann.

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