Court Dismisses Asamoah Gyan’s ‘Evidence Of Threat’ Alleging Journalist Osarfo Anthony Attempted To Extort Money From Him

Sarah Kwabla
Sarah Kwabla

An Accra court, on Monday October 26, threw out evidence tendered by Asamoah Gyan’s manager, Samuel Anim Addo, to back his allegations against entertainment journalist Osarfo Anthony who is standing trial for allegedly attempting to extort money from the Black Stars captain so as to stop publishing stories regarding the rape and sodomy case brought against Gyan by Sarah Kwabla.

The exhibits which were in the form of text messages were being presented by Anim, the complainant as prove that Sarah Kwabla and Osarfo Anthony threatened him and the Black Stars captain, having informed the court during its sitting on October 15th, that the said threatening messages would be tendered in evidence, to which the court agreed.

Lead prosecutor ACP Moses Atibilla, on Monday October 26, submitted the printed text messages to the court to be tendered in as evidence.

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However, during cross-examination, the text messages bearing no names or phone numbers were made irrelevant by counsel for the accused person, lawyer Maurice Apaw, who asked Samuel Anim to indicate to the court that the messages he is tendering in as evidence, were truly sent to him by Osarfo Anthony.

After subjecting the evidence to strict proof, neither the prosecutor nor Samuel Anim, could prove to the court that the said messages were indeed sent by Osarfo Anthony.

The presiding judge, Ms Afia Agbanu Kumador, went ahead to rule that those text messages cannot be admitted in evidence against Osarfo Anthony.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw chided the prosecutor in open court saying: “I’m highly disappointed and shocked at you, that an experienced prosecutor like you did not do your homework well. You people will run away. Trust me (burst into laughter)!”

Meawhile, the case has adjourned to November 9, 2015 following a plea by the prosecutor.

Below are the facts of the extortion case against Osarfo Anthony of


The facts of the case are that the complainant is a businessman and the manager of the Asamoah Gyan Foundation. Prosecution said Chris Handler is the owner of GHbase website while Sarah is a student resident at Dunkonaah at Kasoa.

According to ACP Atibilla, Anthony was an employee of Chris Handler who also lives in Ghana, and that in the month of June 2015, an alleged sodomy story involving the skipper of the Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan, broke in the Ghanaian media.

The prosecutor stated that Sarah alleged in a publication that Asamoah Gyan had a s*xual affair and unnatural carnal knowledge of her and she became pregnant.

Alleged Extortion Scheme

ACP Atibilla indicated that Sarah discussed the issue with Micah and the two met with Anthony and Chris to publish the story on their website to scare Asamoah Gyan to give them money.

He said Anthony and Chris published the story on their site and promised to publish a s*x tape of the affair between Gyan and Sarah in their subsequent edition.

The prosecutor further told the court that a witness in the case read the story on and quickly alerted Samuel to enable them stop the publication, adding that Samuel contacted the publishers on phone and they threatened to make public the s*x tape unless a substantial amount was paid or a house was bought to compensate Sarah.

ACP Atibilla said the complainant, in a bid to protect the image of his client, asked the publishers to hold on with the publication whilst he thought of the issue. He stated that Anthony and Chris kept on threatening to publish the video to defame Asamoah Gyan and called for an urgent payment of the money.

Feigning Of Interest By Complainant

As a result, the prosecutor disclosed, Samuel feigned interest to pay and when the publishers were contacted, they in consultation with Sarah and Micah charged a fee of GH¢30,000.

The senior police officer posited that Samuel bargained with the publishers and they settled on GH¢25,000, which the complainant agreed to pay at a meeting at Landing Restaurant in Accra.

ACP Atibilla noted that Samuel, after the arrangement, reported the case to the police. He said on July 29 Samuel met Chris at the restaurant for payment, where an amount of $1000, GH¢6,000 and a cheque of GH¢15,000 were paid to him.

The police officer stated that Anthony was arrested after receipt of the money by the police and the others were subsequently arrested.

Case Adjourned

ACP Atibilla after having been slammed in the face by the judge’s ruling, pleaded, “My lord, we have to go back and do our homework. We plead for an adjournment. There’s a lot I must hear from the complainant.” The judge therefore adjourned the case to 9th Nov, 2015.

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