Delete Names Of NHIS Registrants – Supreme Court Tells EC


Ghana's Chief-Justice-Georgina-Wood

The Supreme Court has by unanimous decision directed the Electoral Commission to delete the  names of  all persons who registered with the National Health Insurance Authority cards from the voters’ roll.

The five-member panel chaired by the Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, ordered the defendants to immediately delete the  56,739 persons as well as all other persons who registered with the National Health Insurance cards.

The court added that persons who may be affected by the order should be properly notified and given the opportunity to register ahead of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections scheduled for November 7.

Speaking after the verdict, lawyer for the plaintiffs Frank Davies expressed their gratitude to the apex court of the land for clarifying the issue and said he was hopeful the EC will comply with the orders.

“They have been asked literally to do another list, we are all going to ensure that there is compliance with what the court has finally ordered.”