Dormaa MCE Throws Controversial Challenge To Pollsters…Says B/A Are Kingmakers, Not Central


Dormaa MCEThe Municipal Chief Executive of Dormaa, Hon. Gordon Asubonteng, has challenged the people of the Brong-Ahafo region to claim their rightful place in Ghanaian politics.

As controversial as this may sound, the Dormaa MCE says voters in Brong-Ahafo are rather the kingmakers contrary to the notion that the central region decides who becomes president of the nation during elections.

Speaking at a fund-raising and awards program organised by the Brong-Ahafo Students’ Union (BASU) in Sunyani, Hon. Asubonteng stated that since the coming into force of the 1992 constitution, any party wh0 wins in Brong-Ahafo has gone on to win the entire general elections.

He further indicated that even in situations where elections has gone into run-offs, the winning presidential candidate needed the numbers from B/A to eventually become president of Ghana.

The Dormaa MCE cited various electoral results from the 1992 to the 2012 elections as reasons for his controversial view.

Mr. Asubonteng went on to say that this therefore gives the region a huge bargaining power which should inure to its benefit. He said this can be used as enough reason to make demands for more developmental projects for Brong-Ahafo.

He explained that B/A also has well developed district capitals and bigger towns than any other region in Ghana and has excellent road networks with vast natural  and human resources.

He was however worried that though the region has numerous resources and opportunities, the citizens have failed to utilize these resources to their advantage. And that when it comes to development, B/A lags behind others whose natural resource base don’t even come close to what it has.

The Dormaa MCE advised that the political leadership and nananom in the Brong-Ahafo region should rise, come together and present a common agenda since that is the only way the region can demand for what is rightfully theirs.

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