Embarrassing Errors In Independence Day Brochure, A Real Enigma – NPP



The Opposition New Patriotic Party has in an official statement questioned how the deficiencies and errors in the Independence Day brochure went through all the official channels without any body detecting the embarrassing errors.

According to the party, it is nothing short of failure and incompetence on the part of all responsible government agencies.

“How the official brochure for perhaps the biggest national event (outside the 2016 general elections ) can be so full of mistakes (on literally every page) calls into question the competence of government and public officials at several levels, including the ministry of communications, the information services department, state protocol department and the flagstaff house communications office”.

The statement further described the error-laden brochure as “embarrassing errors” and a “real enigma” and called for full scale investigations into the matter in order to prevent such future embarrassment.

“The NPP calls for full scale investigations into this fiasco in order to unearth the deficiencies in the working mechanisms of these public bodies that have resulted in this independence day brochure fiasco, so as to properly locate where the blame should be, and to prevent future occurrence and embarrassment”.

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