OPINION | Enough Of The Wellington Boots & Cutlasses | Agriculture Needs Huge Investment From Gov’t



About two thousand gallant farmers across the country will be honoured as Ghana marks this year’s Farmers Day to celebrate farmers for their immense contributions towards the growth of the economy and ensuring food security.

The celebration which is held at the National, Regional and District levels is under the theme “Reforming Ghana, Investing In Agriculture.”

Agriculture is one of the sectors which contributes greatly to Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is also estimated that, about 60% of Ghana’s population is engaged in agriculture.

The questioned banewsgh.com is curiously asking, as we celebrate and honour our invaluable farmers is whether as a nation we have over the years paid much attention to the agriculture sector by making the needed investment to make it attractive for the Ghanaian Youth to go into farming as their source of livelihood and to also contribute in building a resilient economy.

Though we appreciate the attempts by the various governments to make the agricultural sector robust and attractive in the midst of scanty resources considering the fact that, our budget is 60% donor funded, we are of the firm believe that governments have not done enough by implementing deliberate policies, supported by huge investments to make the sector play its role as the one which employs most Ghanaians.

The Ghanaian farmer today is bedevilled with a lot of challenges which include lack of credit facility, post harvest losses, ready market for their produce and deplorable and inaccessible roads to cart their produce to the markets.

All these factors put together make farming unattractive to the youths. The kinds of packages given to the farmers as awards are themselves demotivating and also connotes the lip service to the agricultural sector, whose contribution to our GDP cannot be over emphasised.

Bicycles, cutlasses, Wellington boots, key soaps are what the best farmers get to take home — and we ask, is it not ridiculous to say the least?

We are looking for the day when the best farmer from the rural area will be handed a tractor and a modern agricultural technology to move from our ancient methods of farming to merchanised farming.

We are looking for the day when the son or daughter of the best rural farmer will be given a scholarship in recognition of their father’s contribution to the economy.

As we celebrate our indispensable farmers, we encourage the private sector to complement government’s effort by supporting the Farmers Day celebration to boost the quality of awards given to the farmers in order to motivate them and to also serve as an incentive to lure the youth into farming.

On the occasion of Farmers’ Day, banewsgh.com salutes gallant farmers in Brong-Ahafo and Ghana and encourages members of the corporate community to go into back yard gardening and contribute to food sufficiency. Ayikoo!!!.

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