Floyd Mayweather To Return To The Ring Again After Nigerian Lady’s Challenge?


After openly announcing his retirement from the ring after brutally mesmerising Conor McGregor  in his last bout, boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather may be set for another mouth watering come back.

The pound for pound champion will have to hit the gym quickly in order to surmount the new challenge ahead of him but this time round in a different territory for a possible but strange pay check.

Yes in an unfamiliar territory because Nigerian Sex Addict, Caroline Sam known as Maheeda is the newest block kid on the block to have sent the audacious challenge to the Money-man.
Caroline Sam in an attempt to satisfy her craze for more sex  has requested the American boxer for a sex match.

The former prostitute and nudist wrote “Oke daddy now let’s do the main match in bed…”  on her Instagram page immediately Mayweather subdued Conor at the T-Mobile arena in a one sided fight.

Though difficult to fathom the reason behind the challenge, it is not new to many people considering the fact that she has in the past admitted to having a strong addiction for sex.

“I’m addicted to sex and I have to have sex every day, at least once every day, and if there’s no guy around me, I will help myself”

It is still unclear whether Mayweather will accept the challenge or not but we can guess if it does, it will definitely be a sell out.

Source: GhanaXtra

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