Gloria Sarfo Reacts To Fred Nuamah’s Caustic “Not My Type Of Girl” Remarks | Her Response Will Shock You

gloria sarfo1
Gloria Osei Sarfo

Rumours were rife on blogosphere about an impending engagement arrangement between Ghana Movie Awards CEO Fred Nuamah and actress Gloria Osei Sarfo — and it got the two to deny emphatically that nothing was going on between them.

Having first reacted to the rumours by joking about it on Instagram, it looks as if Gloria was expecting a decorus reaction from her alleged boo and not a caustic one.

As we reported earlier, Fred also reacted and his response was damn caustic! Read it here in case you missed it

However, in what seems to be a rebuttal, the Efiewura actress took to Instagram, posted a snapshot of Mr Nuamah’s response and wrote: “Really??? Waaaao amazing????????? When we are responding with respect,, decency and decorum some are busy disrespecting,,disregarding and underating?????????? Well the least said about this,, the better✋✋✋ SILENCE IS GOLDEN??????. “

Maybe another celebrity beef has just begun, what do you think!