Independence Day Anniversary | ISD Apologises Over Disgraceful Diplomatic Faux Pas



The Information Service Department, authors of the error ridden Independence Day brochure has accepted full responsibility for the embarrassing blunder and has therefore apologised unreservedly to the President and the good people of Ghana.


The brochure which was used for the event was fraught with many typographical mistakes, misrepresentations and grammatical errors something which many Ghanaians thought was an embarrassment to the nation.

It did not only  erroneously designate Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of Ghana, it also erroneously  positioned Ghana on the equator and shamefully and shockingly described Ghana as an island.


In a statement released which was itself also questionable, the department on behalf of the National Planning Committee of the 59th Independence Anniversary Planning Committee apologised for the misrepresentations in the Event Brochure of the impressive 59th Independence Day Parade at the Black Star Square.


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