Japan Officials Raid Suzuki Headquarters Over Fuel-efficiency Scandal

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Japanese authorities have raided the headquarters of Suzuki, as part of an ongoing probe into the carmaker’s use of improper fuel economy tests.

Officials were looking for documents which would support the company’s previous claims that it had not meant to deceive car buyers.

Last month Suzuki said it found “discrepancies” in its fuel emissions testing, but denied it was cheating.

Suzuki added the issue did not apply to products sold outside of Japan.

The company issued a statement earlier this week, and clarified that it failed to use testing methods that would comply with Japanese regulations due a lack of manpower, and also a failure on its part to invest in the necessary infrastructure.

Suzuki’s shares were down by almost 1% on the Tokyo stock exchange on Friday.

Suzuki is the fourth-largest car company in Japan, after Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

Credit: BBC