Jealous Husband Butchers Wife, Two In-Laws Over Divorce



The Police in Breman Asikuma are on the heels of 28-year-old Kofi Ahmed who inflicted multiple cutlass wounds on his wife and her parents over divorce.

Narrating the incident, Chief Inspector Isaac Dzefe of Breman Asikuma District Police Command said, the suspect was informed by his wife Leticia Amfo that she wanted to visit her mother who was sick, which he objected.

Leticia however disobeyed her husband and went to visit her sick mother. Whilst she was away, her husband threw her belongings onto the street and when she heard of her husband’s action, she informed her parents who were not too happy about it.

Chief Inspector Dzefe said, on July 8, Ahmed was invited to Breman Kwaa-Annan where the marriage was dissolved.

On the following day, the jealous husband went to his ex-wife’s house under the guise of going to see his child. Whilst Leticia was seeing him off, he pulled a knife and attempted to kill her but she run away quickly and escaped.

At midnight, the suspect then broke into a room where the victims were sleeping and hacked them several times with a sharp machete, inflicting severe wounds on them.

Ahmed run away immediately after committing the heinous crime.

The three victims who bled profusely were then rushed to Our Lady of Grace Hospital at Breman Asikuma where they are responding to treatment.

The police have appealed to the public to help apprehend the suspect as they continue to investigate the matter.

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