Kidnapped Anas’ Team Member Rescued, 1 Arrested | Police Say ‘Corrupt’ Judge Responsible


Anas In Court4

A member of Anas’ Tiger Eye team who was kidnapped on Saturday morning, has been rescued by the Tamale Regional Police Command.

Ishmael Hussein was reportedly held hostage after he was captured in his family house, by unknown assailants believed to have been hired by one of the judges cited in the recent judicial bribery scandal.

The police swiftly closed in on the location, rescued Hussein and managed to arrest one of the kidnappers after the news got to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Alhassan.

The others kidnappers escaped and are currently at large.

Ishmael Hussein was one of the undercover agents who partnered ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to uncover the rot in Ghana’s judicial system.

Seven of 12 implicated high court judges have so far been suspended and are to face further inquiry after a prima facie case was established against them.

In all, over 150 workers of the judicial service including 34 judges, state attorneys, court clerks as well as police prosecutors were videotaped by Anas’s team in their two-year long investigations, allegedly taking bribes in various forms including sex and goats, to set suspects free.

Meanwhile, the police say one of the alleged corrupt judges masterminded the attack and kidnap of the undercover agent, Ishmael Hussein. They have yet to disclose the judge’s identity.

Sources close to Anas Aremeyaw Anas who is currently in Norway attending a seminar, say he is worried about the kidnap of his team member and that all members of the Tiger Eye team outside Accra have been moved there to ensure they have maximum security.