Lesbians Video Hits Kintampo


An alleged video involving some lesbians in Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo region has gone viral in the town.

The video involving some unidentified ladies engaged in romantic scenes has surprised many people in the town considering the fact that such act has never been witnessed at a public place before.

With virtually every person struggling to catch a glimpse of the video, there no boubt that it has become a hot cake in town.

According to Ghanaxtra.com sources, the ladies attended a programme at a popular hotel in town called Gyasiwaa hotel and it was during the event that the act took place.

The ladies after enjoying themselves decided to do their own thing by engaging in romantic scenes which unknown to them were being recorded.

The video is currently in the custody of some young men who have threatened to release it order to name and shame the culprits.

A resident who spoke to us on condition of anonymity disclosed that the news is not surprising because there are so many boys and girls in town who have turned themselves into the opposite sex through their dressing and other actions.

“I don’t think we should be surprised, it has been coming. They dress, speak and dance like men and women when they are not. That is how serious it has become.”

He charged leaders of the town not to let them down this time around as it has happened in the fight against other social vices.

Source: GhanaXtra

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