Mahama Disowns DKM, Chides Distressed Customers


President Mahama fires 3 MDCEs

President John Mahama has denied allegations making rounds that embattled Microfinance company DKM belongs to the first couple.

This came to light when he met the media on Tuesday at the Flagstaff House to interact with them and also answer questions pertaining to a whole range of issues.

The President in answering a question from Peace FM’s Yaw Obeng Manu about his link to DKM Micro-finance and what he was doing  for the  thousands of distressed customers of DKM, denied even knowing the CEO of DKM and expressed his shock that people were not extra careful enough to know that the whole thing was a sham owing to the fact that issues of Pyram and R5 are still fresh in our minds. He said he was surprised intellectuals,professionals and  even pastors could stoop so low and engage in this “robbing  Peter to pay Paul” scheme.

“I saw the DKM for the first time in the Newspapers today. I dont know him from Adam and yet my wife does not know him from Adam and yet it was said that it was our institution and he was representing us, it is the first i saw him, a lanky tall chap.

“When i saw the category of even some of those who have lost money and have  been  duped in this game I was shocked. Intellectuals, professionals, yea i will expect that my uncle or some illiterate uncle or somebody in the village is the one who will fall prey to something like this but intellectuals, heads of religious institutions have taken collection and gone and put in”.

He however assured the customers to be patient as the security agencies have apprehended the culprits and  are trying to locate their assets for liquidation and  possible reimbursement. He further added that the perpetrators of these fraudulent schemes will be prosecuted.

The Bank of Ghana in May last year placed a 90-day moratorium on the operations of DKM Microfinance in accordance with section 65 of the banking Act after it was detected that the company had consistently flouted the guidelines and regulations or rules for operating.