Meet AMA, Brong-Ahafo’s Representative At The 2015 Ghana’s Most Beautiful Contest

Ama Adomah Fauzieh, Brong-Ahafo Representative At Ghana's Most Beautiful
Ama Adomah Fauzieh, Brong-Ahafo Representative At Ghana’s Most Beautiful

AMA came so close to eviction on Sunday night before a judge decided to keep her in the house and I guess this is the time to talk about her.

Ama Adomah Fauzieh is Brong-Ahafo’s representative at the 2015 edition of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality contest.

The 24-year-old History/English graduate of the University of Ghana wants to fight against fraudulent and ignorant medical practices in Brong-Ahafo by promoting the need to register for the National Health Insurance, so the people would have access to quality health care.

AMA enjoys reading, teaching, cooking and travelling. She also loves to meet new people and describes herself as very outgoing.

According to the Brong-Ahafo rep, she would be more humbled if you make her the next Ghana’s Most Beautiful.

To vote for Ama, text her name AMA to mobile short code 1740 on all networks.

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