Michael Jackson’s Ghost Is Scaring Off Buyers For His Neverland Ranch


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s ghost is giving potential buyers a Thriller ride at his Neverland ranch, which is up for sale.

And it’s surprising that something imaginary and not even the $100million price tag on Jacko’s ranch could scare off homeseekers.

There reports that viewers have been spooked by the King of Pop’s ghost, which is said to moonwalk the corridors of the luxury mansion in Los Olivos, California.

An estate agent is reported to have said that, “Local people say Jackson’s spirit has been haunting his estate since he died”.

“Investors and visitors considering buying the property are warned that workers on the ranch have claimed the King of Pop haunts the premises.”

Neighbour Marie Andrade, who regularly goes to the house, added: “Michael is there, his presence, his move and his breath.”

Neverland-Michael Jackson

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