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Afriyie Acquah And Wife

We knew we were definitely gonna get here one day! Now, just before we head for the weekend, news making rounds is that a new sex tape of Amanda Acquah, wife or is it ex-wife of our very own Afriyie Acquah, has found its way onto the internet and it’s just gathered momentum to begin trending like the recent Canadian wild fire.

Multiple media reports allege that the said private video which was purportedly sent by Amanda to her husband, was leaked by Afriyie Acquah’s alleged side-chick, Nana Adwoa, who got it through the footballer’s phone.

Those who claim to have seen the video say it’s a beautiful masterpiece, where the lady displays how good she is working herself to orgasm using sex toys and her fingers in the absence of her dear husband.

The development seems to have hit the famous socialite so hard that she has even threatened to commit suicide after invoking curses on one Akuah Adoma who she claims helped Nana Adwoah to “do evil” to her.

Amanda in an Instagram post blamed her husband for breaking her heart so many times though she claims to have sacrificed for him severally.

Amanda who recently apologised to her former richman husband, Kenpong, also showered praises on the businessman whom she now calls a “good man”, after taking him to the cleaners few years back.

Rumours of divorce between Acquah and Amanda got into the media recently, but was denied, though close sources to Acquah’s family in Sunyani came back to confirm the divorce.

In August last year, two scandals emerged involving Amanda. First was the leaked naked photos she sent to another man which found its way onto social media, and second was her leaked audio in which she claimed dating another Black Stars player, Jordan Ayew for four years. In that audio, Amanda was heard praising the bedroom exploits of Jordan whilst labeling her husband as an impotent man.

She also referred to Afriyie Acquah as a monkey, a tag which infuriated many Ghanaians who now call Amanda a “gold digger”.

However, in her recent Instagram post concerning the leaked sextape, Amanda claims that the ‘monkey’ tag was something they all play with and that she decided not to respond to those issues because she didn’t want to drag Afriyie Acquah into the mess.

Here’s Amanda’s full Instagram out-burst;

And to My dear husband!! U Have betrayed me a lot of Times And every scandal I Have had And recorded audio is because of u And ur infidelity!! Wat wrong Did I do by lovin u And stickin by u?u Have caused me soo Much pains but i Have kept silent And accepted all the blame that I am evil!! But i Have still loved u no Matter wat!! But allowin ur gal to get hold of My video And then later IT gettin out breaks My hearti will not deny that u Have been good And not been there this time i cant take IT anymore or keep quiet!!how can u be sooo careless And allow someone get my sex video?afriyie u have killed meand the only thing I feel like doing is to end my life now!! I jus want to die!! I betrayed a good man kenpong jus for u!! I gave up my own son jus to be wit uif I was a gold digger or a bad woman I will not leave a good man who made me who I am!! Afriyie why why whyupon all this Jordan audio that came out that even wasnt wat people tot it was I kept quiet coz if I talk it will drag ur name in!! Cox u kno Jordan was many years ago and that audio was recoded 4years ago and I had only met u for 2months!! Monkey was not ur name but jus a name an inside name we all joke wit!! Which u kno about!! But cox of ur infidelity they framed me in a way to make it look it was something present and serious!! This impotent thin u kno I only said it coz she wanted to trap u wit a pregnancy and of cos its not true u are important but I only said it cox she was theeathnin me and jus said something and that one too they recoded and put it out there to make it look like I’m damaging u!! Thru this scandals I have had 2 miscarriagesmy husband u have disappointed me and I only pity my son my innocent child who will grow into a man one dayI can’t take this torture any more if u hear that I’m dead come and bury me”

“Akuahadomah may God have mercy on ur soul!! A woman wit kids who can be as wicked and evil like this is over my understanding!! Tell me wat u have done to u to deserve this! If not for anything I have given u money b4!! Why are u guys always in Hamburg thinkin of doin evil to people!! U created ashawos of gh and got away wit it!! U pArtook in leakin my audios and that was not enough now my sex video I sent to my hubby?all because wat u guys did cudnt break me and I’m still livin!! U people have done ur worse by lettin the world seee my nakedness and I promise I will sue u wit my last and show u in Europe there are laws and u can’t jus defame me and go Scot freee!! Adomah u will no no peace in ur life!! U will suffer and become miserable for the rest of ur life!! U will never seee happiness all get a man to call ur own!!i leave u to God to revenge for me!! Jus because Nanaadwoa is ur friend u help her do evil to me??? I don’t blame u I blame my husband”.

We will definitely have updates. Don’t forget to check back for the video.

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