Opinion: Bawumia-Mahama Beef, Silence Of Northern Regional House Of Chiefs Worrying


Bawumia in Handshake with Mahama

What image do we project or portray to the international world as Northerners? The increasingly disgraceful and unfortunate academic, moral, political, and verbal abusive warfare between former President John Dramani Mahama and Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia does not make sense to me as a proud Northern inhabitant.

The exchanges between our own Northern brothers ( John & Bawumia) make me disgruntled, disenchanted, and worst of all dumbfounded about why northerners are exposing their anuses to the glare of the world market pegged at no value but yet still earns public disgust, mockery, and chastisements.

Dr Bawumia, why do you keep describing your own Senior Northern brother with such offensive words like Incompetent Mahama both when he was in government and now, out of government.

Look! With the greatest respect, I acknowledge you as a bright northern brother but to constantly deliberately abuse your opinion of the personality of Mr Mahama is a wanton disregard to our culture.

Mr Mahama, some statements like “you have never come anywhere near the presidency” and “every economics lecturer can give lectures on the economy but not every economics lecturer can manage the economy” as reactions to your junior northern brother’s comment are not the best alternative to choose.

Mr Mahama, if for nothing all, you could have called your junior brother and draw his attention that he’s going too far with his abusive opinion about your personality. You didn’t do that. Don’t be irresponsible.

Dr Bawumia, you know very well that our northern culture does not allow you to use abusive words on the elderly. Please, are you becoming alien to our northern culture? Don’t be disrespectful.

Anyway, it appears to me that these our brothers are losing their Northern Ethics.  Also, it is obvious nobody is courageous enough to bring them to order. For me, I can’t sit with my dignity and reputation as a northerner and observe with disappointment for my northern brothers to grace us this way.

Look! I’m happy Mahama and Bawumia have risen to become first and tond gentlemen of this nation respectively but I’m not proud as a northerner for the condemnable dispositions of these brothers in respect of how they relate to each other anytime each them appears on a public platform.

Moving forward, Without contempt to the Northern Regional House of Chiefs, fellow Ghanaians, I want to use this platform to state that the (NRHC) silence in bringing Mahama and Bawumia to order does not portray the good image of our northern Dignity & Pride.

By this piece, however, I call on the Northern Regional House of Chiefs to bring Mr Mahama and Dr Bawumia to order if not, their stated behaviours will set bad precedents to the future generations.

Kanbirsua Lambon
(A Concerned Northern Brother)


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