“Our Judges” | Anas Exposé In New Kumawood Movie


Our Judges - movie poster

Our friends in Kumawood are smart when it comes to picking trending topics and exploring the lighter side of it and that seems to be exactly what they have done with the latest exposé on judicial corruption.

According to Samuel Ofori, he has directed a new movie for Empire Productions which would be on the market in two weeks time.

The new movie titled Our Judges is full of humor and is aimed at restoring confidence in the judiciary but not to mock any judge.

“It’s a comic movie which wants to tell people that there are good and bad judges, that we should respect our judges and lawyers and treat them with harmony regardless of the issue at hand,” he said.

“Everyone is reporting it. The media is reporting, people are talking about it so what’s wrong with movie makers making a movie out of it? It’s just a movie. I don’t see anything wrong with it. No name [of an indicted judge] was mentioned in the movie. I directed it and that’s because I like the script. You will love it,” Samuel Ofori indicated.

Our Judges comes in the wake of a judicial corruption scandal exposed by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, where judges, prosecutors and other workers of the judiciary were captured on video allegedly receiving bribes in various forms including sex, goats, yam and cash, to free suspected criminals.