Police Investigate Bishop Bonegas Over His Infamous Police Escort Video!!!


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Who hasn’t heard of the bombastic pastor who videod himself being escorted by a police dispatch rider and bragging about it on social media.

Well, after his video went viral, investigations into the matter have indicated that the man bragging in the video is Bishop Bonegas Daniel Kwame Kissi, the founder and overseer of the Great Fire Pentecostal International Ministry.

Police investigations have also revealed that the Police officer in question, Lance Corporal Benjamin Akyea Mensah allegedly provided guard duties for Bishop Bonegas without permission.

Having engaged the policeman for guard duties without authority, Bishop Bonegas has subsequently being invited by the police to assist in investigations.

Bishop Bonegas has however denied using Lance Corporal Akyea Mensah-a member of his church, as his bodyguard.

He explained that he has his personal bodyguards and Lance Corporal Akyea Mensah is not his bodyguard but an Usher in his church.

“Because we are very close, he sometimes comes to my house. I have never paid him to work as a bodyguard. He has never travelled with me anywhere as a bodyguard,” Bishop explained.