VIDEO | Police Woman’s S*xTape Goes Viral After Boyfriend’s Wife Throws It On SM

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We haven’t even finished talking about the famous Amanda Acquah s*xtape that was leaked over the weekend by an alleged girlfriend of Afriyie Acquah, and here we are again having to deal with another one.

This is the era of s*xtapes and the more jealous wives and ‘side chicks’ are using intercepted x-rated videos and pictures of their rivals to get back at them — and this was how the nude videos of a lady police officer got into the public domain some two weeks ago and has since gone viral.

The officer, Sergeant Yaa Boakyewaa, who until her recent transfer to Accra was attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service in Sunyani is said to have recorded the nude videos and pictures and sent to her boyfriend who lives in the U.S.

According to sources, the wife of this man saw the s*xy materials and confronted Miss Boakyewaa via phone to warn her to desist from such acts and leave her husband for her.

Angered by the threats issued by woman, Miss Boakyewaa allegedly insulted her and labelled her a harlot. This certainly didn’t go down well with the wife of Miss Boakyewaa’s boyfriend and so she went on to circulate the x-rated videos on social media.

The explosive 2-minutes-50-seconds video which we have seen, shows a well endowed fully naked lady in bra wearing very attractive shinny beads around her waistline.

In the first session, she sets up the camera, stands in front of it with her back facing the camera, winding her waist and shaking her huge bum. At a point, she got so close to the camera and bisected her ass to expose her juicy asset down there.

In the second session, she comes facing the camera licking and playing with her nipples.

The leakage of the video has opened the floodgates for discussions concerning some immoral behaviours of the police woman to the extent that some of her former colleagues who claim she was abusive, are even excited about what has befallen her.

Miss Boakyewaa is said to be facing Police Service Enquiry over misconduct for allegedly harassing and assaulting a lady employee of Shell Oil Fuel Station in Sunyani, from whom she seized an amount of Gh¢1,000.oo.

The lady in question is alleged to be the girlfriend of a certain BNI Capo who was also dating Miss Boakyewaa and so when she heard that the BNI Capo had given the ‘Shell lady’ some money to go and rent an apartment for herself, Yaa Boakyewaa went over to intimidate the lady and take the money from her without the consent of the BNI Capo, who had discussed the alleged cheating behaviour of the ‘Shell lady’ with his friend through whom Miss Boakyewaa got to know about it.

Upon hearing the incident, the BNI Capo confronted Miss Boakyewaa but she disrespected and verbally assaulted him.

The security capo then lodged a complaint with the Regional Police Command and Sgt Boakyewaa was put under Police Service Enquiry.

Sources say Miss Boakyewaa has attempted suicide but failed and is reportedly on admission in a hospital in Accra.

We’ve seen the videos and pictures but as a reader friendly website, we will not publish them since we do not condone the act or the spread of any such material.