Relentless DKM Boss Resurfaces

DKM Boss
Martin Delle – CEO, DKM

After going into hibernation for so many months, the CEO of defunct DKM Diamond  Microfinance Limited, Delle K. Martin seems to have emerged from his shell.

Delle Martin after successfully duping thousands of people of millions of Ghana cedis  leading to the death of several affected customers in the Brong Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions through his Ponzi micro-finance scheme went into a hiatus on social media.

Interestingly and strangely, just some few weeks after the Official Liquidator commenced payments to affected customers whose investments were locked up, Delle is back on social media in a surreptitious mood posting parables and pictures of some famous  people who at some point in life encountered problems but recovered to be successful.

One of his latest posts comes in a frame with pictures of Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, the Beatles, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey captioned, “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new”.

Whilst some used some unprintable words at him and asked for the where about of their investments, majority of the people who commented encouraged him and urged him not to give up.

Many others think his recent posts suggest he is hatching another grand scheme in the background and may return to dupe unsuspecting people, having escaped jail after collapsing several businesses and causing the death of many people who were breadwinners of their families.


At the heat of the collapsed of the company, Delle visited renowned Nigerian preacher, Pastor T.B Joshua to seek divine intervention but was told right in the face on live TV by the man of God that he had  “bad thoughts”. Those who watched this episode on TV think his current renaissance on social media is the beginning of this prophecy uncovered by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Delle Martin at T.B Joshua’s SCOAN

Time may be the best judge as to whether the mastermind of one of the sophisticated financial scams in the country, is planning to introduce another scam to rip people off their lifetime saving.