Rich Owner Leaves $300K Inheritance For Two Cats


A wealthy pet owner in Bronx, New York has left behind an inheritance money to her two pets to ensure that the animals are well taken care of in her absence.

The two pets, Troy and Tiger are beneficiaries of their owner’s generosity and love as she left $300,000 for them.

The rich owner, Frey-Wouter valued at $3-million died without any child.

The pets are now in the care the late Frey-Wouter’s two former home health employees and they submit the bills for expenses like food, grooming and vet care.

The two caretakers are reimbursed from that trust fund left by their benefactor.

The move by the late author has been applauded by Demetri Tsoulos, himself a pet owner describing it as “incredible” and “thoughtful”.

“Your pets are your family and leaving money behind so that they can be taken care of is a beautifully humane gesture and it’s a lesson for the rest of us.”

Source: GhanaXtra

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