Sunyani Scrambles For Right of Way…As Major Traffic Lights Remain Off For Months



Traffic lights ain’t laws, regulations nor law enforcement officers but they have enough power to regulate and control human and vehicular movement. When these lights fail to work, there is a lot of chaos at busy intersections; cars crash and knock down pedestrians.

As you read this piece, only 3 out of the 7 traffic lights in Sunyani, the Brong-Ahafo regional capital, are in working condition. The remaining 4 are off and have been unattended to for months. These lights are located at very busy intersections in the city where control of vehicular traffic and pedestrians are very essential.

The lights at the main town centre have not been operational for a very long time. This is a place where there is heavy  pedestrian and vehicular movement, so for the traffic lights here to be out of work for this long, one can only imagine the mayhem that is caused everyday.

The ones in front of the Sunyani Polytechnic also went off when students were on recess. As we speak, the students are back on campus and these traffic lights are still off putting the lives of our country’s future leaders in jeopardy.

What makes it more disturbing is that most of these students live in hostels around the Sunyani Magazine which is on the other side opposite the school. This means you find students crossing the street every minute of the day.

There’s been so many incidents where traffic lights in front of the school went off and students were knocked down and killed by over-speeding vehicles.

The other two are at the VRA and Nana Bosoma Market. This area gets very busy on Wednesdays and became very chaotic since the lights don’t work.

One thing that has been very consistent about all these traffic lights is their inefficiency; they go off very often and it takes time to get them back working.

Sadly enough, there’s not even a single police officer at any of these intersections to control traffic as pedestrians and vehicles are left to scramble for the right of way.

People have over the years complained that these traffic lights were even archaic and almost out of function when they were installed in Sunyani. Some also blame it on poor underground wiring among other things.

Sources say there is only one traffic repair team in Ghana and getting them to come to Sunyani is also another headache. We also hear proposals have been sent to government for these obsolete traffic lights to be changed but it’s yet to materialize.

Now, whoever has the power to ensure the dead lights come back to life should urgently get to work before valuable lives are lost.

See next some pictures of the traffic lights:


Sunyani Town Square Traffic Lights


Sunyani Poly Traffic Lights


Area 4 Side of VRA Traffic Lights


VRA Traffic Lights