Switching Off The TV And Music When Eating Helps In Weight Loss



Researchers have found  a link between sound and weight lose. The study was published in the journal Food Quality and Preference.

According to Ryan Elder  professor of marketing at Brigham Young University, the noise your food makes while you eat can have a significant effect on how much food you eat. Therefore, watching loud TV or listening to loud music while eating can mask eating sounds that keep you in check.

“If people are more focused on the sound the food makes, it could reduce consumption”.

The research looked at three separate experiments on the effect of ‘food sound salience’. In one of the experiments, the researchers discovered that people eat less when the sound of the food is more intense. In that study, the researchers compared how much participants ate while listening to loud music to those who were not disturbed by music while eating their snacks.

“When you mask the sound of consumption — like when you watch TV while eating — you take away one of those senses and it may cause you to eat more than you would normally. The effects many not seem huge — one less pretzel — but over the course of a week, month or year, it could really add up”.

Source : The Indian Express